Coasts – Album Review.

After the hype built by the 8 track release pre-order, Coasts had high expectations of their debut album. Now it’s here and already high in the iTunes album chart.

Let’s start with my favourite track of theirs to date, Wallow, from the band’s A Rush of Blood – EP. The song has been rerecorded for the album, just like other fan favourites like Your Soul, and luckily for my taste, not much has been changed. The raw guitar tone is still present but the gap that was missing beforehand has been filled with an increase of electronic sound.

Golden City is a strong contender for a new fan favourite. The smooth sound of the start of the track makes it impossible not to sway too. A surprising electronic production completes the final 30 seconds of the song which at first hand was hard to see where it fit into the rest of the album, but after a repeat or two it’s inevitable not to move too it.

The fun vibe is continued by Let Go. A beautiful number that offers a different perspective, but it’s presented in a way that I think many people could enjoy. With lyrics like “Hiding away doesn’t seem so strange when all that you want is in the loneliest place,” I think this song will connect with a lot of people.

The 5 piece band have covered the softer aspect of the record with tracks called Lions, As Long As I Need You and See How. All three have a calming tone that is easy to get lost in. See How has an amazing instrumental, filled with amazing percussion that I was instantly focused on. Lions holds a slightly different sound to the band’s usual, but in no means a negative way – in fact I wish the song was longer!

It’s exciting to see Coasts finding their sound, which seems to be thoughtful lyrics mixed with indie rock riffs and electronic tints.

Coasts’ self-titled album is available to purchase on iTunes now.

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