Jake Bugg – On My One Review.

First listening to this track as I stared out the train window on a dull, rainy night, I knew that I had found the leading song to the soundtrack of every Monday morning. Jake Bugg has officially returned with his classic sound of blues to make me feel emotions I didn’t know I had.

The sombre first single, On My One, teases his anticipated 3rd album, and it’s clear that Bugg’s taken the “darker” route with his music that he promised in 2015. However, the sound of his previous efforts such as Ballad of Mr. Jones is present.
A very mellow riff holds the track together which describes how lonely life can be on tour. He talks about how he had “dreams, but in this world, they’re gone,” and how after spending “3 years on the road,” he doesn’t know where to “call home”. This darker tone suits Jake’s melodious voice and I am pleased to say I am excited to hear more of his comeback.
On My One is available on iTunes now.

*Feature Image source: www.jakebugg.com


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