The Bulletproof Bomb – Little Miss London EP Review.

Little Miss London is the latest offering from South London based band, The Bulletproof Bomb. It sees the alternative rock band explore more off-beat jazz with a punk flare mixed with indie rock riffs. Sounds confusing, right?

The EP starts off strong with the title track Little Miss London. From garage rock vibes to the cheeky lines: ’I’m telling you right now girl you might aswell just fuck off home’, this song shows that the band know exactly what they’re doing.

1-10 is the second song on the EP. The track begins with some unexpected yet pleasant elements of ska that blend into an edgy guitar riff, before frontman Joel comes in with the lyrics ‘Here we go again / I’m a long lost friend / of a broken trend / don’t wanna make new friends’. A raw tone of British punk is continued throughout the bouncy track and it’s clear that this song will be even more of a banger live than it already is.

Industrial synth supports a pulsating percussion in Siege. There’s more of an upbeat tone to this track compared to the rest through the indie rock guitar riffs. This is definitely a song worth listening to if you’re a fan of RAT BOY or Arctic Monkeys.

From powerful guitars to melodic keys, the instrumental on the cleverly titled L.I.S.F.B is the peak of the album. It’s where the band’s musical talents are really proven. The abbreviated title stands for “Love Is So Fucking Boring”, words which are chanted over a funky jazz beat.

The closing track, Vapid, sees the band explore a more mellow tone and still keep edgy riffs. With lyrics like: ‘This Saturday seems just like the last one’, it seems that the song about a phase where life just seems bland.

So if you’re as confused as I am to what genre the 5 piece are, listen for yourself and make up your own mind. Nevertheless it’s clear that whatever they are, it’s pretty awesome.

Listen to Little Miss London here:

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