Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride Previews.

Catfish and the Bottlemen recently announced details of their new album, The Ride, and now 30 second previews of the 11 tracks have been released.

First track, 7, has quite a mellow tone. The preview expresses the lyrics, “I try to ignore every time you phone / but I never come close” and “I don’t think through things / I never get time”.

Twice has a brilliant instrumental with pulsating percussion and strong guitar riffs. This sound of percussion is also prominent in Postpone, which gives the song a very catchy sound, making it a strong contender for the bands next single in my eyes.

Track 6 exposes Van McCann’s raw voice. Glasgow sees the lead singer sing lines like “I want you to myself again” over a simple riff of an acoustic guitar.

Although the band’s typical powerful lyrics are present, the following track, Oxygen, has too much of an Oasis feel for me – it strays too far away from the Catfish and the Bottlemen sound we know and love.

Red is definitely the main contender for my favourite song on this album. An edgy guitar riff compliments the repeated lyrics, “Can he do what I do for you?”. This is the song that has left me desperate to hear the full version.

Closing track, Outside, has a mellow beat accompanying the lyrics “Just come along for the ride / and I tried my best / to keep away from you”. It seems that this lyrics is where the album title came from. The preview ends with McCann hitting a strong note as the percussion escalates.

It’s clear from these snippets that the band have taken a slightly different turn in the direction of their music, but I’m excited to hear the album in full so I can really make up my mind.

The Ride is available to pre-order on iTunes, CD and Vinyl now.

You can listen to all of the previews here

Read more details about The Ride here

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