Nothing But Thieves – O2 Institute Birmingham Review

After having their album on repeat since it’s release, my excitement was high for Nothing But Thieves’ Under My Skin tour, and their show at Birmingham’s O2 Institute was exceptional.

The set had an energetic start as the band begun with the huge hit single, Itch, before following with the strong riffs and percussion of Painkiller.

Honey Whiskey was clearly a fan favourite as the crowd went into a frenzy of singing with their hands in the air. Excuse Me also received a great response as the room joined in on the chorus, singing loudly with their hands in the air. It was clear that the crowd’s reaction was appreciated by the band as lead singer, Conor Mason, seemed to get emotional as he said, “I’ve seen so many of you singing along,” and thanked fans for buying the album.

One thing that did disappoint me was the crowd’s response to some of the band’s slower songs, like Graveyard Whistling and Tempt You. I could hear people talking more than I could hear the music – which is unfortunate as these song’s really showcase the band’s talent, from the brilliant song writing to Mason’s, flawless vocals.

The band then briefly talked about their inspirations before playing a cover of the Pixies’ classic Where Is My Mind. After powering on with more of their strong tracks, like the edgy Drawing Pins and Wake Up Call, the band left the stage to chants of “we want more!”.

A beautiful rendition of If I Get High opened the encore before the band went into undoubtably one of their best songs, Trip Switch, where the band encouraged the crowd to sing and clap along.

The set closed with the banger that is Ban All The Music. The 5 piece extended the instrumental, which saw all members crowd around drummer, James Price and the music built the room’s atmosphere immensely and overall it was a brilliant end to the evening.

Nothing But Thieves self-titled album is available on iTunes now.

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