Sundara Karma – Live at Birmingham Review.

After building their profile with EP’s, Sundara Karma are becoming one of the most talked about bands in indie music. I was lucky enough to see the 4 piece from Reading supporting Nothing But Thieves in Birmingham on April 1st (see my review of Nothing But Thieves here).

The band opened the set with their most recent single to date, A Young Understanding before blending into the equally brilliant, Freshbloom – a perfect opening in my eyes as the band’s energetic performance built the atmosphere in the room.

Watch the video for A Young Understanding here:

2015 single, Flame, received the best reaction from the crowd, with fans singing along with their hands in the air. This positive energy continued through undoubtedly my favourite song of theirs to date, Run Away.

The band then performed an unreleased song called She SaidA brilliant raw guitar riff was present throughout the song and with the lyrics, “She said // I don’t wanna go out chasing // I kinda wanna go out dancing,” it was impossible not to move! It seems that the 4 piece have slightly different approach to their sound this time but their strong indie rock vibes are still there.

What did disappoint me was the setlist’s lack of fan favourite, Indigo Puff. However, the set was closed with Loveblood from the band’s EP I, which was a brilliant end to the band’s performance as the crowd danced and built their adrenaline for the headliners.

Overall, it was a great performance from Sundara Karma and I’m certain their strong presence as a support act will continue in their headline performances across the UK in May and June.

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