Tourists – Cut and Run Review.

Cut and Run is the new single from 5 piece, Tourists. The Torquay group’s previous single, All We Do Is Pretend, gained support from some great names in music and the band were even named the “ones to watch” on BBC Radio 1 – you can see why from this latest offering.

There’s a slight synth tone to the vocals which helps define the band’s unique sound. With a melodic guitar riff and more elements of synth throughout, this song has a great 80’s pschedelic rock vibe but it definetely still fits into current popular music trends. It’s a perfect track if you’re a fan of The Smiths.

The infectious instrumental is the peak of the track, with a pulsating drum beat that makes it impossible not to move too. A brilliant riff compliments this which I found myself getting lost in and quite honestly, I wanted the song to be longer!

The single is out April 15th.

Listen to Cut and Run here:

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