Dead Coast – Shambolic Review.

Shambolic is the fantastic debut album from London based band, Dead Coast. With elements of blues and psychedelic rock, this is definitely one of those albums that you won’t get tired off.

A simple instrumental with insane drum beats opens the album before perfectly blending into Jenny Loves The Sun, the band’s second single. From the guitar riffs to the synth used, this is a brilliant example of psychedelic rock.

Listen to Jenny Loves The Sun here:

Track 3, Just Don’t Give Yourself, is definitely my favourite. A thrumming riff supports the great lyrics throughout. The exceptional instrumental is the peak of the album and quite frankly I can’t take it off repeat. It’s clear to see that the band have many influences from 1960’s garage rock, especially seen in this track and Ask The Dust.

ESP has a more mellow tone to the previous tracks and leads into the final track of the A-side, Overcome. When I first listened to this final song, I was unsure of its place in the album but after leaving the record to play, I noticed the perfect flow into the B-side from this track – and it’s genius. It’s the ideal song to break up the album and the two halves really showcase the band’s musical talent.

I found myself getting lost in the beautiful synth of Bossa For Stanley, which then fantastically blends into Good In Her Blues. The B-side peaks with Why Are We Still Together, in my eyes. There’s a real great 60’s garage vibe to this and the instrumental has me moving to it everytime I hear it – it’s certainly one I’d love to be rocking out to live.

Some Sinking Notes takes the album down a slightly sinister yet magical route. It’s a track like no other I’ve heard but ultimately, it’s a wonderful piece of psycheldelic rock. The album is perfectly rounded off with the mellow tones of closing track, Because I Know You.

It’s clear to say there’s something brilliantly unique about Dead Coast’s sound and I’m really excited to hear more from them. There’s a song for every emotion on this record and it will take you on a different journey everytime you listen to it, so I suggest you take the trip yourself!

Dead Coast are currently on a European tour, see the dates here.

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