Frames – Debut EP Review.

Frames are a 3 piece alternative rock band from the UK. With a debut EP full of thoughtful lyrics and insanely good instrumentals, this band definitely deserve more recognition.

With pounding percussion and a strong bass line, Fool is a great way to open the EP. The contrast to the following softer song shows the band’s diversity.

The garage rock vibe and catchy lyrics of Loving You had me moving the first time I listened to it and I still am now. From the lyrics, “I won’t give up on you / ’cause no matter what you do / I can’t stop loving you” you’d think of the typical love song, but the mellow tone sampled with a funky guitar riff makes this one different – definitely my favourite!

Spoiled brings the pulsating drums and infectious riffs back to the EP and the brilliant instrumental is the peak of the record. It’s a track I can easily see a crowd bouncing around too as there’s already plenty of energy.

Closing track, Doubts, cements the band’s unique edge. From mellow vocals over a simple instrumental to when the drums and bass kick in, it’s a great one to get lost in and a brilliant way to end a pretty cool EP!

  • Amp Shaking Rating: 8/11

You can listen to Frames EP here:

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