RAT BOY – Live in Birmingham Review.

Having gained support from some big names in music in 2015, like NME, MTV and BBC Radio 1, it was undoubtable that there was going to be a huge hype around this UK tour. Being incredibly excited myself, finally seeing RAT BOY at their sold out Birmingham gig showed Jordan Cardy and his mates Liam Haygarth, Noah Booth and Harry Todd are bringing something more interesting to the music scene than the usual “one’s to watch”.

The positive energy was present before anyone was even inside. The sunshine on May 5th had definetely got the Digbeth queue in a good mood – I knew then it was going to be a good night.

After a chilled performance Comso Pyke contrasted by the energetic SKATERS, the crowd was definetely ready for RAT BOY. Hotline Bling played through the speakers and the floor broke out into a mess of bad dance moves, before the sound of Drake was deffed out to sirens, and Jordan and his band came on stage.

The 4 lads began with the latest single, Move, which got the crowd doing exactly that. It was a briliant opener, giving everyone a taster of what the next hour would hold – mosh pits, great riffs and a hell of a lot of sweaty teenagers.

Watch the video for Move here:

The brilliant riff from Sign On and a mosh pit filled the gap in the set where there was a fault with Liam’s bass. It was hard to tell anything had gone wrong, and the crowd didn’t seem to care with the momentum kept high as everyone carried on jumping around to virtually no music.

Aside from this blunder, every song blended magically into the next causing the room to be intensly hot and sweaty after just a few songs, as the whole floor did not stop bouncing throughout.

Halfway through the set saw classics like SportswearHanging Round and Left 4 Dead. These got everyone singing at the top of their lungs and going slightly more mental. Although, based on the response from fans, you couldn’t tell the new tracks from the old. Fresh tracks, like Get Over It, hint at a dancier sound for RAT BOY’s future mixed in with those messy electronics that we all already love.

Wasteman was next on the setlist and gained a great response from the audience. Probably due to the funky electronic instrumental that got everyone bouncing as high as they could.

The sound of sirens filled the room once again before the band returned for the encore. Of course the final 2 tracks were Sign On followed by Fake ID, which with their cliché teen lyrics and great instrumentals ended the set on a high. The night ended with a massive stage invasion after Jordan helped pull a fan up out of the crowd. Within minutes there was people all over the stage jumping around and taking selfies – pure chaos but insanely tempting to join in!

It’s fair to say that RAT BOY is going in an exciting and unique direction. With fantastic riffs, synth overused perfectly and insane energy, they are undoubtably an amazing live band. I’m incredibly excited to have an album to listen to soon and to see what madness will happen at their next live show.

*Featured Image source: www.twitter.com/RATBOY


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