Vukovar – VOYEURISM Album Review.

VOYEURISM is the second album from Merseyside band, Vukovar. Buddy Preston, Dan Shea and Rick Clarke formed the band back in 2014 and this record is full of brilliant instrumentals that take you on one hell of journey.

The album opens with the dark tone of You’re Not Alone. It’s a cool track that sets the tone for the rest of the album by capturing the band’s unique sound in just over 2 minutes, and it perfectly transitions into second track, The Masterpiece. With a fantastic bassline, pulsing drum beat that I can’t stop tapping in time too and great lyrics like, “my end is where it begins,” this one is definetely my favourite!

There’s a slightly sinister feel to Quiet but it works brilliantly. From the skillful use of percussion and off beat keys, this track makes me feel a mix of emotions every time I listen to it and that’s when you know you’ve got a banger.

Into Your Arms is way too short, in my eyes. There’s a brilliant use of synth in this song which gives a slight phsychedelic feel to it. This vibe is continued in The Fog, with a soothing sound from the offset that really makes you think. From it’s quiet vocals to the melodic synthesizer, it’s a very different track to others on the album, and it’s fantastic.

This then blends perfectly into the next track. The Blood Garden begins with a very similar sound to The Fog – the mellow tone combined with brilliant lyrics starts the song off beautifully before there is a brief pause and an insane riff comes in. The second half really makes this a stand out track on the record.

Listen to The Blood Garden here:

A good song should give you an experience that allows you to simply lose track of time, and Irreversible does exactly that. At nearly 9 minutes long, there’s so many different elements to this song and it shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. There’s no doubt it would be a fabulous live experience.

VOYEURISM closes with Little Ks Final Reflection. A great way to end the album as the track gives off quite a chilled vibe.

Overall, this album has been brilliantly produced and it’s out 14th May, so I seriously suggest you get your hands on it. I predict a bright future for this band!

Amp Shaking Rating: 8/11


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