5 Albums To Get You Ready For Summer.

As we all know, the British summer isn’t exactly what we’d call “the warmest season of the year” but it’s fast approaching and we always need a summer soundtrack. Here’s a few albums that give me those fun, fresh, summery vibes everytime I listen to them.

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Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

The simple sound of Vampire Weekend on this album makes it one that you could listen to any time. It’s a huge feelgood record that’s full of witty lyrics and brilliantly used keys that I guarantee will lighten your mood – the bouncy drum beat and funky riff of A-Punk will have you dancing in no time.


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Salad Days – Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is one of those artists that you can a while without listening too, but when they come on shuffle you remember how much you love them. Salad Days has such a calming feel to it from the low bass and soft vocals, it’s perfect for relaxing in the sun.


circa waves.jpg
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Young Chasers – Circa Waves

Of course Circa Waves had to make an appearance, and you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think they should be in this list. With funky guitar riffs, catchy drum beats and a full track dedicated to the T-Shirt Weather we’re craving, this album is the perfect soundtrack for driving or just general early morning journeys.


young blood
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Young Blood – Saint Raymond

Brilliant riffs and the electronic samples make this a great summer album. Tracks like Bonfires and Everything She Wants are about a lover and really have feel-good vibes to them. It’s a brilliant pop-rock album that puts a smile on my face.


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Glitterbug – The Wombats

The beautiful combination of electronics and thumping drum beats makes this such a great album all round, let alone just for summer. But this IS albums for summer so if you want to chill out in the sun Headspace is the track for you. Clearly not coincidental, The English Summer is perfect for summer parties and ironically so is This Is Not A Party.

So there you go! Whether the sun is shining where you are or not, I hope these albums will brighten up your day. Let me know the albums that get you in the summer mood.


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