The Smyths Live in Birmingham.

So last night I saw The Smyths, a tribute band to the brilliant 80’s group, The Smiths (with an ‘i’) and I felt as if I was back in 1986! The gig was in aid of the 30 years anniversary of release of The Queen Is Dead, which is coming up in June.

It seemed like it only took 5 minutes for the room to go from practically empty to absolutely packed. By the time the band had came on stage you could hardly move. The amount of people showed just how popular The Smiths really were when such a big crowd turn up to see a tribute band years later.

Looking around the room, there was a huge mix of age groups – ranging from teenagers like me to people in their 50’s. It proves how iconic Morrissey and the band are that they have a loyal fanbase and still have an influence on young people today.

Luckily for me as it’s my favourite album, the band performed the whole tracklist from The Queen Is Dead. The set list also included more of the bands classic hits like How Soon Is Now? and Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now. People were singing with their hands in the air throughout filling the room with energy.

Honestly, you could feel the positive atmosphere before the band even came on stage and there was never a dull moment, with chants of “Morrissey” and “Johnny. Johnny. Johnny fucking Marr” filling the gaps inbetween songs.

Overall, The Smyths’ wonderful stage presence really brought back the feel of the 80’s. I had a fantastic night and I definetely recommend seeing them if you’re a fan of The Smiths! Or if you simply want a night out full of brilliant guitar riffs, a hyper crowd and a stand out performance.



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