Baby Strange – Live in Birmingham Review.

Baby Strange played at The Sunflower Lounge on May 22nd as part of their UK tour. They proved they’re a bloody fantastic live band by bringing their grunge sound to life for the rowdy Birmingham crowd.

Brilliant performances from support acts, Amber Riot and White, got the night off to a great start. Both bands weren’t ones I’d heard much from before but needless to say, after watching their sets I’m definitely intrigued to hear more from them.

Baby Strange then took to the stage, opening with Luver, the absolute banger that is my favourite of their tracks so far. Although I was hoping this would be nearer the end of the set, it was a great way to warm up. The room was dancing to the brilliant riff instantly and chanting “when we are old and tired / we should be making love” loudly.

Classics like VVVPleasure City and Distance Yourself were all of course on the set list too.  The Scottish trio also played some new material, which seems to have the same punk vibes to their old stuff – it’s great to see the band know what they want their sound to be. It was clear that the crowd enjoyed the new tracks anyway as the floor didn’t stop bouncing for a minute.

Near the end of the set, front man (Johnny) got the guitarist from White (Hamish) to replace him on stage while he joined the crowd. Him singing while jumping with everyone made it feel like a huge party. The relaxed atmosphere mixed with the insane energy from the band made me realise how much I love intimate gigs all over again.

They closed the set with the fantastic Friend, causing the crowd to go into a frenzy for the last time that night. For the small size of the venue, there was an insane amount of people crowd surfing and it was a brilliant end.

If you have the opportunity to see Baby Strange in the future, I seriously recommend going. It was easily one of the best gigs I’ve been to and I can’t wait to hear new music from these guys and buy my next ticket to one of their live shows!

Listen to Pure Evil here:

Featured Image source: here



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