The Hunna – Live in Birmingham Review.

Tuesday saw The Hunna headline the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham. Considering the band from Hertfordshire only released their debut single in 2015, the response from the crowd was like one of the loyal fanbase of a group that had been going for years.

As soon as the indie-rock band came on stage, the floor filled with teenagers all pushed towards the barrier and started jumping in time with the music.

In my eyes, a great live band is one that radiates energy from start to finish and that’s exactly what The Hunna did. The short set had people jumping continuiously – even through new tracks that no one had heard before. The new material had a similar vibe to their previous releases, which is great to see as the band clearly know where they are heading with their sound.

She’s Casual is my favourite of the bands tracks to date so I was incredibly happy to hear that. Lead singer, Ryan, said he wanted to see as many people on shoulders as possible and the crowd certainly took note. Within seconds people were in the air. (I tried myself but just ended up disheartened at the fact my sister couldn’t lift me).

One of my favourite moments was the performance of Still Got Blood. It’s a beautiful song from start to finish with it’s fantastic riff and brilliant lyrics.

You can watch the video for Still Got Blood here:

Singles You & Me and We Could Be got a great response as the room didn’t stop singing. After We Could Be, Ryan said that it was the “best [he’d] heard that song sung” back to them all tour. Which almost everyone says to a Birmingham crowd. Either it’s just a cliché or we have insanely big mouths.

Of course Bonfire had to have the biggest reaction. It’s naturally a brilliant track and they really brought it too life, proving their talent as a live band. The raw vocals mixed with sharp instrumentals creates their own special aura. Surprisingly it wasn’t the final song of the night, nevertheless it still helped to end the night on a high.

It’s so exciting to see a band with a lot of potential to be very successful one day. I wish them all the luck!

*Featured Image source: here


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