Tourists – Quiet Room Review. 

Tourists are a five piece alternative band from Torquay. Their previous single, Cut and Run, had a lot of support from Radio 1 DJ Huw Stevens, leading to them being invited to play a set at “Radio 1’s The Acadamy” in May this year. You can read my review of Cut and Run here.

The latest single from the band is called Quiet Room. It has a real strong feel good vibe to it. From the offset there is light synth used behind the lyrics before it’s increased with the introduction of a fantastic drum beat and a melodius riff.

Just after halfway through the track there’s a brilliant, mellow riff that I could listen to for days on it’s own. With mellow vocals paired with the exciting instrumental, it’s a perfect song for those relaxing summer days.

The track fits into current trends in music at the moment but keeps the band’s original sound and it’s because of this that I think it will be another big success for Tourists.

Have a listen to Quiet Room below and see what you think.

The single will be released on 17th June.


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