The Cradles – You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me Review.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me is the latest offering from Cardiff band, The Cradles. Their previous single, Ideal Girl, has a fantastic 60’s sound and this track sounds even stronger.

With a quite sombre yet catchy riff and the raw vocals of front man, Joe Norman, this song has a real great garage rock vibe.

Brilliant lyrics like, “I wouldn’t claim to understand // how the world keeps going ’round” paired with the repetition of the chant “you can’t stop thinking about me” makes the anthemic chorus one you won’t be able stop yourself from singing along too.

The track is different take on a break up and this clever spin is one I think lots of people will relate to. It has a much better feel than the typical heart break ballad.

Listen to You Can’t Stop Thinking About Me here:

The Cradles, made up of Joe Norman, Kieran O’Brienlead, Declan Andrews, Luke Haines and Toby Andrewson have a wonderful, classic sound that still manages to feel modern. It’s impressive and I hope their sound continues to progress the way it is because it’s so exciting to listen too. 

The track will be released on July 29th.


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