VANT – Karma Seeker Review.

VANT have slowly been becoming one of my favourite upcoming bands and tonight their new track was premiered on Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record”. This single has been taken from the band’s new EP and it has a pretty different feel to their previous material but nevertheless, VANT have proved their ability to create a brilliant rock song yet again.

I became a fan of VANT after hearing the catchy lyrics and insane instrumental of Parking Lot and the unreal riff of The Answer will always be one of my favourites. However, starting with a softer guitar with support from a low bass and clever lyrics, Karma Seeker is captivating from start to finish.

Speaking about the track, Mattie from the band has said it’s simple meaning is that you should live in the moment instead of focusing on the future, but ultimately it’s meant to be “open to interpretation”.

Gutted is the only word suitable for how I feel about not getting to see VANT live this year. So far, none of their tracks have disappointed me so I’m incredibly excited to hear an album from these lads soon. You should definetely check them out.

Watch the video for Karma Seeker here:

*Featured Image source: here


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