Sam Hollis – Cigarette Stories Review.

Cigarette Stories is the EP released by Sam Hollis earlier this year. There’s a strong raw sound to all the 5 tracks as it’s just him with an acoustic guitar. It’s nice to hear something so stripped back yet still have great depth to it, which is impressive since Hollis wrote all the songs himself – minus one line in Get Home, which Tom Gardner gets credit for.

The EP opens with the title track Cigarete Stories (For The Day). It’s the most high tempo of the songs and it’s a great way to start the record. The riff actually reminds me a little of early Jake Bugg, which is never a bad thing.

My favourite is probably Song Of A Mistake. With the low strums of the guitar, the raw emotion of the vocals and opening lyrics “you’re pathetically desperate”, it gives off a slight garage rock vibe.

The Needy Worker Bee has a real mellow tone which ends the EP on a softer note than it begins.

He has a lot of potential and considering he’s only been doing this for just over a year, Sam Hollis seems to have a pretty clear idea of what direction he wants his music to go in.

Y0u can listen to Cigarette Stories EP here:

I had little look through Sam’s other material and there’s a great cover of Heathrow by Catfish and the Bottlemen. That’s worth a listen too if you’re a fan of Catfish. Sam is also part of two-piece band called Jack’s Mask if you fancy checking them out too.


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