The Blems – Soundtrack of the Scallywags EP Review.

Soundtrack of the Scallwags is the debut EP from Leicester based band, The Blems. The lads have been influenced by the likes of Jamie T and The Streets which helps to create a terrific sound on this record.

The EP opens with a song called Wasted. It seems that the track has been cleverly written to sound like a conversation on the phone, as the first line is one of the members asking “why did you call me?” followed by the lyrics explaining a night out before ending with a voicemail type message.

Vice has an incredible instrumental. I actually wish the song was longer purely for the great drum beat and soft riff. The brilliant instrumentals are continued with the catchy riff of Kids, making it my favourite so far. If you’re a fan of RAT BOY, this is the song for you.

Closing track, Tracey, has a different, more serious feel to the rest of the EP. It seems to be about “this girl Tracey” mentioned in Vice, but is now talking about her life as an adult by the lyrics “now you’re borderline forties and your life still ain’t sorted”.

Soundtrack of the Scallwags talks a lot about youth culture which I think will make it relatable to a lot of teenagers. You can hear influences from other artists on this EP but it’s definetely an original, infectious debut from The Blems. I’m excited to hear a full album from them.

You can listen to the EP here:


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