From The Cave EP Review.

From The Cave are a 5 piece alternative band from London and released their debut EP in April earlier this year. The self titled record consists of 5 songs that all bring something different and interesting, which shows just how talented the group are.

I think that the opening track is always the most important on an EP or album as it sets the tone for the next 15+ minutes. If there’s isn’t a great vibe from the offset, there’s the chance you’ll just skip it and forget about the band all together. But this is certainly not the case for the From The Cave EP.

Night Hawk has a funky riff which builds the great vibe that I was just saying is so essential. The build up to the chorus sees the introduction of harmonies between male and female vocals as the drum beat intensifies which adds a strong sense of emotion to the track.

There’s a strong 70’s feel to Television. Around 2 minutes into the song there’s an amazing instrumental that I really wish was longer, but instead I’ve resulted to rewinding it to have another few listens.

My favourite is Live Your Life. I really like the idea of this track portrayed through the lyrics, “we could die as we’re counting down for the tragedy to arrive” and in particular, “you seem to never find it // but the meaning is right before our eyes”. From the beginning, the instrumental is absolutely brilliant and it just gets stronger as it goes on. It would definetenly get a good reaction from a live crowd.

Trains takes the EP down a slower, more mellow route. The harmonies are stunning and a stand out feature of this record – you really get a feel of how passionate these musicians are. This then transitions into the final track, Hope. It’s inspirational, from the music to the lyrics, and ultimately a great way to end the EP.

The From The Cave EP has been beautifully produced and is one of the best debuts I’ve heard for a while. The band have shown their talent in both song writing and performing and I can’t wait to hear their future releases.

You can listen to the From The Cave EP below or on Spotify here.


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