Joby – Sixes and Zeros Single Review.

Jason Staddon, James Deeny, Steve Biggs and Harry Greenway make up the band from Cardiff, Joby. Their new single Sixes and Zeros is a melodious piece of evidence proving that this band deserve more recognition.

There’s a real summery feel to this track. From the lovely riff to the soothing vocals, I would be content just listening to this for hours in the July heat.

I love slow bass lines and the bass here is amazing and quite possibly my favourite thing about this song. It also adds another dimension to their music as their previous material is quite soft.

The instrumental at about 2 minutes in is a good build up to the final chorus. Again, the riff is something that really makes Joby’s sound fit into current trends, making it a great indie pop track. I’m not entirely sure why, but the band actually remind me of Saint Raymond quite a bit.

I think when more people get hold of this song it will become something quite big. Have a listen to Sixes and Zeros below.


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