The Last Shadow Puppets Live at Alexandra Palace, London Review.

Being a fan of The Last Shadow Puppets (TLSP) for a few years now, I’d been anticipating July 16th since the moment I brought tickets. A disco ball, Johnny “Fucking” Marr and an amazing set list. I was expecting something special with it being the last night on the tour but this was exceptional.

Not being from London myself, the scale and beauty of the “Ally Pally” was enough to get my excitement levels high. After support slots from YAK and Gaz Coombes, the crowd were definitely ready for the headliners.

Leaving a long silence after each track on the pre gig playlist caused the room to erupt into cheers, thinking Alex and Miles would soon come onto the beautifully lit stage. The sound of almost 10,000 people sighing every time another song played was actually hilarious. Eventually, after what felt like forever, pink confetti petals fell as TLSP were welcomed to the Alexandra Palace.

As usual, both of them looked fantastic. Miles was sporting a patterned jacket that I wish I knew where he got it from, while Alex wore the Arctic Monkeys’ “One For The Road” jacket which I won’t lie brought the fangirl in me back to life. Speaking of “fangirl”, it was impossible to count the number of grown men I heard declaring their love for either Turner or Kane throughout the night. They were brave enough to say what we were all thinking.

I was incredibly surprised to see Johnny Marr playing guitar as the band opened the set with Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by The Smiths. Just a week before I was watching videos from Castlefield and feeling envious of everyone lucky enough to be there, so when I finally saw him on the large screen I was a little overwhelmed. It was a magical way to begin the night.

They went on to play a fantastic set list – an almost perfect mix of albums 1 and 2. My personal favourite, Dracula Teeth, sounded wonderful but dancing to Aviation was also a highlight. Everyone was bouncing with their hands in the air, which continued through Bad Habits, where a tiny mosh pit broke out.

A disco ball was lowered from the ceiling just before they played Pattern. The room looked incredibly pretty with the lights combined with the music, it felt like we were back in the 70’s.

Photo taken by Louis Kelly

Johnny Marr returned to the stage to perform some more songs with the band. The second cover of the night was Totally Wired by The Fall with Miles Kane leading. This type of song is perfect for Kane. He’s such a fantastic performer and I think this can sometimes get overshadowed by Alex, but there’s no doubt that Miles is mesmerising to watch and seriously knows how to entertain a crowd.

After playing more tracks from both albums, the set was closed with the beauty, In My Room. They soon returned to the stage for the encore with a slightly stripped back version of Everything You’ve Come To Expect.

Sweet Dreams, TN was next and was the track I was most excited to hear live. The passion and emotion that Alex Turner puts into performing this song is so beautiful to watch. I was certainly not disappointed.

The final song was The Meeting Place – or so everyone thought. It was clear that they weren’t finished as both had one finger in the air and were shouting “one more”, and of course the crowd had no objection. Alex went on to say that considering it was the last night on the tour, they should “get the fucking disco ball back down and play a little bit more”. They finished the night on a high with a cover of Moonage Daydream by David Bowie.

There were so many highlights it’s so hard to narrow it down to just one favourite. Even if I don’t get the chance to see The Last Shadow Puppets again, I will remember this night for a very long time. Let’s just hope there’s not another 8 years wait for more music.

*Featured Image source: here


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