Cross Wires – I Want Radio Single Review.

You may have seen my review of a track called Pink Dogs here. If so, you’ll know of the talented band, Cross Wires, and you’ll be happy to hear about their new single I Want Radio. It’s the other half of the Double A-side single which explains the similar punk feel to it.

The up beat drum rhythm and a strong riff that open the song create a great vibe. The low-fi vocals then come in and with the lyrics being shouted, it fits greatly into the punk genre. This all makes for a brilliant build up to the chorus.

The instrumental then cuts out and exposes the vocals on the refrain, as the words “I Want Radio” are repeated. Pounding drums and fast pace guitars return to support the lyrics. It’s got a real anthemic sound.

Later on, the track tones down with quiet vocals and a soft riff before it’s picked back up and finishs on a high. It’s a bouncy tune that I want to jump around to more every time I listen to it.

You can listen to I Want Radio here:

Cross Wires will be playing a free entry single launch on August 8th at The Victoria in Dalston. They’ll be joined by a few more great artists, so if you’re around, be sure to go and check them out!

The single will also be released on August 8th.


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