Moose Blood – Blush Album Review. 

moose blood blush

After such a long wait for new music from Moose Blood, my anticipation for Blush was high. The band announced in April that they would be signing to Hopeless Records which scared a lot of fans as they didn’t want their sound to change. But this album has proved that they are still in touch with their roots.

With simple, yet beautiful artwork and what seems to be a themed track list, it’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into the dreamy presentation of this record alone.

Pastel is a great opener. With pounding drums and a high energy riff, I think it will definitely get a live crowd going.

The first time I heard the single Honey was when I saw the band live in April. You can read about the night here. The vibe from the live performance got me instantly excited to hear it again in its studio version. I wasn’t disappointed.

Knuckles was the next track to be released from the album and it’s thrumming riff and steady drum beat makes it a great one to dance along too. I have to admit, I think I love the video even more than the song itself. Give it a watch below.

The song Cheek was played on Radio 1 a few days before the release and got a good response from fans. For me, the track peaks near the end when the instrumental cuts out and Eddy Brewerton’s raw vocals are exposed.

The catchy chorus and great bassline of Glow is likely to make it a fan favourite. I’m a sucker for a good riff and the guitar solo on this is fantastic. Remembering the energy of this song live makes me love it even more.

Shimmer’s instrumental is definitely a contender for my favourite. A low guitar and slow drum rhythm support the relatable lyrics throughout giving the sentimental track quite a dark feeling. There’s a short pause before an amazing breakdown brings the track to a close with the emotional lyrics “it’s been a while since I saw you // don’t look the same // you taste different too”.

I was about to say that the first half of the album didn’t spark as much emotion in me as I Hope You’re Miserable and Cherry can, but then Spring began to play. I can’t remember the last time a song made me cry the first time I heard it but this brought out goose bumps and tears before the first verse was even over. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a Moose Blood record without making you cry at least once.

A track called Freckle closes the album. There’s a strong instrumental throughout and reminds me of my favourite of theirs so far, Swim Down. The last minute or so of the song sees a slow drum beat and riff behind soft vocals on the words, “you look so good to me // but you know that don’t you // cos I always told you”. It definitely finishes the album on a high.

All of these tracks tell a story and there’s not a song that I don’t like. I love that the band have kept their unique, pop-punk sound, but I do feel like they could have taken their music further. A few of the tracks are quite easy to forget, as only 1 or 2 stand out, and unfortunately they still don’t compare to some of their previous efforts.

Maybe it’s my attachment to I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time that’s causing me to critique the little things on this new record. In no means is it bad, I was just expecting more as IKYM is a huge thing to live up too.

Nevertheless, some lyrics are already on repeat in my mind and maybe after a few more listens, I’ll fall in love with this album and their debut may only cross my mind, from time to time. I have no doubt that their phenomenal talent as a live band will sway my opinion.

*Featured Image source: here


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