Clay – Live In Birmingham Review.

clay, birmingham,

On Thursday 11th August, Joe and Jack Harvey, Rob Gration and Danny Armitage brought their distinct sound to The Sunflower Lounge. The boys, better known as Clay, have been grabbing people’s attention for a while now and I’ve been becoming a huge fan but this gig honestly exceeded my expectations.

The lads from Leeds opened their set with the incredible Stay Calm!. The retro vibe of this track made it a great way to start the night. I think it’s recognisable sound presents what the band are all about. You can have a read of my thoughts on the single here.

The energy was kept high with performances of some classics mixed with unreleased songs. A slower track, which I think was called You Are Always On My Mind, has a similar 80’s pop tone to Honest. With powerful lyrics and a great use of synth, it had Clay’s trademark sound. If just one of these tracks is anything to go by, their debut album is going to be incredible.

Clay released their debut EP, Heaven, in July and every element from synth to guitar riffs makes it a beautiful collection of tracks. I fell in love with the second song from this record, Nothing Happened, as soon as I first heard it and it sounds even better live.


In their performance of Why?, lead singer Joe, got the crowd to crouch on the floor just before the final chorus. There was a great feeling of unity as everyone was holding onto strangers to balance themselves. The beat dropped and the whole room was bouncing to it’s funky riff and synth elements for the rest of the song. I always find myself enjoying the atmosphere of gigs in smaller venues, but the vibe that Clay created alone was something really special.

Sun Dance closed the night. People young and old were singing and jumping in time with the drum beat throughout. It was clear it was a favourite and it’s not surprising.

I’ve said this before but Clay’s sound reminds me of The 1975, and I seriously think they have the potential to be just as successful one day. It’s exciting to see how far they’ve come already.

This show was sold out and with their fantastic lyrics and creative sound, who knows what size venues they’ll be selling out by this time next year.


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