KONG – 8 Ball Pool EP Review.

KONG is Conor Lindsey, Liam Dawson, Niall Dawson and Henry Sansom. These lads are bringing unforgettable bass lines and great lyrics in the form of their debut EP, 8 Ball Pool.

Title track, 8 Ball Pool has everything a great rock song should. An infectious riff, a pounding drum beat and gritty vocals. The low-fi effect on the vocals adds a different dimension which is I really like.

The bass at the start of Naughty Devils and Dirty Priests is fantastic. As the track progresses, it flows more into the garage rock era. There’s a strong punk vibe to this song as well, which you can probably tell from the title alone. I think this is one of those records that sounds it’s best when played loud.

Lime Green Tambourine is another great punk track. The lyrics are mostly spoken and the instrumental is more subtle than previous efforts. But it works well to create a passionate and slightly dark vibe.

A harsh riff opens Hypocrite. Every line of this is brilliant. One of my favourites is,”I’m not mad // I’m just a little bit bitter”. It’s got that angry rock, break up song vibe to it which makes it feel honest and raw.

You can hear the classic rock influences in this EP but at the same time, KONG have an incredibly fresh sound. Mixing 80’s punk with indie rock is something that shouldn’t work, but I like it. They’re definetely a band to keep an eye on.

Have a listen to the EP below. It’s also available on Spotify.


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