WESLYNN are a band from Phoenix, Arizona. Jared Geyer, Greg Olin, Kevin Holmes and Adam Simons have just brought out an EP. With smooth vocals and riffs, BLACK + CHAMPAGNE has everything to be a successful pop release.

The EP opens with a track called IT GETS GOOD. A steady drum beat holds the song together and there’s an inspirational bridge. Soft chants of “it gets good” behind the main vocals gives off a real nice vibe.

The short guitar solo on BLACK is the highlight of the record, in my opinion. But overall the song is brilliant for radio.

Strings are brought in on NEW YORK MINUTE. This begins to take the EP down a slightly slower route. The beat is picked back up with RUSH. Once the chorus hits, you’ll just want to dance.

STRANGE FEELINGS is the final single on the EP. It’s also the band’s latest single. There’s a good build up to the chorus from the calm drum beat and riff. The little uses on synth bring back that dance feel too. I really like the lyrics and meaning that I found in this track. It’s easy to relate too, and that makes it even more catchy.

Have a listen to the EP here:

Although I’m more a fan of stronger guitars and a more raw sound, I think WESLYNN could be very successful. Keep your eyes (and even more so, ears) open because we’ll be hearing a lot more from these boys.

Find the band on Twitter and Facebook.


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