Oddity Road – Handshake EP Review.

From talented song writing to intense instrumentals, this EP showcases all of Oddity Road’s talent. The band from Sheffield released Handshake EP earlier this year.

Title track, Handshake, gives off a fun vibe. I can imagine it being played in an episode of Skins, which is definitely not a bad thing. An insanely catchy chorus begins with the lyrics, “She’s only 16, and she thinks she can rule the world.” The vocals and funky riffs make a great indie rock track. The final break down of the instrumental sounds incredible.

These riffs are continued through Elope. It makes me want to get up and dance. I think it would sound brilliant live.

2am is a short track, beginning with just the sound of seagulls, before the sound of waves mixed with sirens comes in. There’s some whispers underneath light synth that builds over the last 20 seconds or so. It’s full of suspense, but strangely calming at the same time.

Then the track ends perfectly on the first beat of Lost In The City. Great lyrics partnered with the soft riff and drum beat give the track a brilliant raw feel. It’s definitely my favourite and a really nice way to end the record.

This is an great debut and I wish Oddity Road the best of luck for their, certain to be successful, future.

You can find the Handshake EP on Spotify.


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