Some Kind Of Illness – Self Titled Album Review.

This melodic charm comes from Some Kind of Illness, an alternative band from Farnworth. They released the self-titled album in August 2015. But it’s over a year on and it feels like this album could be timeless.

Starting off quietly before the sound gently increases, The Test of Time is a brilliant way to open the record. Its soft sound from the acoustic guitar, light synth and low-fi vocals is mesmerising.

The track slowly fades out and into Angel Breakdown. There’s spoken voice at the beginning of this second song which I think has been used perfectly. It makes you think, and then the calming instrumental gives you time to contemplate those thoughts.

Stars has tonnes of emotion. It’s utterly beautiful. The following track, Maple Leaf, has a more intriguing instrumental but is equally as delicate. From the gentle beat to the plucks of guitar strings, listening to this feels like your dreaming.

Each number simply flows into the next. Going back to what I said about this album being timeless, I think Some Kind Of Illness is a great soundtrack for summer, winter and everything in between.

Acoustic guitar plays a huge part in conveying emotion through the LP, as it compliments the soft vocals, but this is especially significant on The Light. This track is more mellow and it’s subtleness surprisingly makes the emotion feel stronger.

This calm tone is continued through to You Have To Laugh. The few tracks without lyrics are completely open to interpretation. I found myself getting lost in the music and just falling in love with the simplicity.

The extremely raw tone of Fool Man Runaway closes the record on a somewhat darker note. But it’s no less elegant than any other track.

Some Kind Of Illness is a stunning album that I don’t think you could tire of listening too. It takes you on a journey through your mind. Incredible. Have a listen and explore the delicate sounds for yourself:


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