Fresh out of Leeds are Marsicans. With their debut EP gaining mainstream radio air play and supporting the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen on tour, the band are off to an exceptional start.

Classic indie rock influences can be heard on Absence EP through the funky riffs and uses of synth. But there’s a spark that’s unique to Marsicans.

“They say distance will make our love grow stronger.” The lyrics from the title track, Absence, seem to be aimed at a lover and the struggle of being away from them. With the emotional meaning, it could have been a typical boring love song, but there’s a real nice vibe from the honest vocals and strong instrumental.

The energy is lifted with the infectious instrumentals of Arms Of Another and Swimming. The deluxe edition of the EP has 4 alternative versions of the original tracks. Both these tracks have slick, electronic remixes. If you weren’t already dancing to Marsicans, you will be once you hear these.

Sophie Pearson features on a stripped back rendition of Absence. It sounds even more beautiful with her unique vocals and the fantastic harmonies over just an acoustic guitar.

Far Away (Saudade) has a harsher riff and pounding beat to other tracks. It’s alternative version features a string quartet alongside smooth vocals. It’s such a huge contrast, it feels like you’re listening to a different song altogether. I can’t pick my favourite.

Have a listen to the Absence EP for yourself here:

Cale, the drummer from Marsicans, answered a few of my questions about the band and their success so far. Give it a read.

First of all, tell us a bit about yourselves?

We are Marsicans and I’m Cale. We all have no children but enjoy Alan Partridge and the lasagne and chips from the sandwich shop behind our rehearsal space (Old Chapel in Leeds).

How did the band come about?

Three of us are school mates, playing the likes of Metallica and Girls Aloud instead of being in English.  Then we became close mates with Rob and decided he must now be the man to play Metallica covers with. That was about 2 years ago. We’re still working on those covers.

You’ve supported some incredible bands already, but is there one band you’d love to tour with?

Hmmmm…tough. I personally have a lot. I missed Marina & the Diamonds in Leeds and could happily watch her set each night for a full tour. So them…or moshing out to Messhugah…or supporting Rod Stewart in big arenas. But also we’ve met a lot of cool bands this past year on the festival circuit and it’d be a right laugh doing a full tour with any number of them.

Whats your favourite show that you’ve played so far?

The glaringly obvious one for us would be Glastonbury, biggest festival in the world, but if it was an individual show, our hometown Leeds shows are always great, crazy, fun and sweaty. We’re looking forward to the Brudenell in November.


Where’s the dream venue or festival you want to play?

On YouTube, I watched a full Rammstein set in France, Nîmes, where they played in what looks like an amphitheatre. It would be amazing to play there (so long as it didn’t rain). You should watch it!

What bands are you listening to right now?

Many, new and old. I had a Jimi Hendrix playlist on the other day, Oli has been vibing off the new Mystery Jets EP. James has had Get Inuit on (a lot (he loves them (deeply))). And Rob’s always recommending new stuff on our instagram. 

Finally, why should people reading this listen to your music?

‘cause if they don’t, they’re tight and Trump will become president… #saveourworld #listentomarsicans #buildaplaylistnotawall 

Marsicans are on tour right now. Check out the dates below and get tickets here.

  • 18 Sep – Preston, UCLan Uni Freshers
  • 22 Sep – Lincoln, Uni Freshers
  • 24 Sep – Sheffield, The Rocking Chair
  • 01 Oct – Manchester, Aatma
  • 04 Oct – Hull, The Polar Bear
  • 08 Oct – Middlesbrough, Twisterella Festival
  • 10 Oct – Sunderland, 7even
  • 14 Oct – Banbury, Also Known As
  • 19 Oct – Basingstoke, The Sanctuary Live
  • 20 Oct – Brighton, Bleach
  • 21 Oct – London, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
  • 23 Oct – Matlock, Twenty Ten
  • 28 Oct – Liverpool, The Magnet
  • 04 Nov – Chester, Telford’s Warehouse
  • 10 Nov – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
  • 11 Nov – Glasgow, Old Hairdresser’s
  • 12 Nov – Edinburgh, La Belle Angele

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