LIVE REVIEW: The Magic Gang in Birmingham.

the magic gang

Only 2 EP’s down and the talent of The Magic Gang is already at such a high standard. After playing at London’s legendary Scala just a few nights before, it was Birmingham’s turn to host the boys from Brighton on October 1st.

After a playlist full of well known 80’s pop tracks, Island opened the night with some funky guitar riffs. Which was then followed by the gentle sounds of Babe Heaven. Both bands put on a beautiful performance.

The playlist resumed for a while before it was time for the headliners. All the younger fans rushed to the front and began to mosh as soon as they heard the first riff of Lady, Please.

A perfect selection of tracks from the bands discography made up the set list. Old favourites like Jasmine and Alright had everyone singing with their hands in the air. Even unheard songs had the room moving like they’d heard them 100 times before.

With the majority of people huddled at the foot of the stage, there was plenty of room for older members of the crowd to dance along carelessly to the slick, sixties sound of Blue For You. The atmosphere in the room was incredible.

Of course the grunge vibed No Fun was left for the encore. It got the best reception of the night by far, which is no surprise as about half the kids were wearing a shirt with the track title on.

The night was ended with chants to the classic Shallow. It was clear how much the band were enjoying hearing the sold out room sing the lyrics back at them by the massive grin on lead singer, Jack Kaye’s face alone. But their love for playing music shows by the quality of their live performances alone.

The intimate setting was perfect for a very sweaty crowd to jump around to The Magic Gang’s groovy riffs. But I think they would get the same reaction if they were to play in larger venues. Which I think will be sooner than people may think. I know that I will definetely be getting tickets.



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