INTERVIEW: Late Cambrian.

late cambrian

Late Cambrian are the creaters of some insanely catchy electronic pop tracks. The group from Brooklyn, New York have released a string of melodic singles over the past few months in the build up to their new EP.

I asked John from the duo a few questions. Have a read and be sure check out their unique sound.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Late Cambrian started making music in 2011 as a Weezer – Pinkerton inspired indie rock band. Over the next 5 years they’ve evolved and molded into a project that best reflects my musical curiosities. I’ve been really into bands like Passion Pit and Phoenix lately and that has impacted the songwriting approach a lot. As of 2016, Late Cambrian is an Indie Electro-Pop duo. Our newest EP, will hopefully be out by November 2016. It has the songs Yearbook Photo, Thanks For Your Time and more.

How did the band come about?

Late Cambrian started as a recording project for my solo material. I had just left my previous band and had a whole lot of musical ideas that I wanted to record. We made it into an actual band when we heard how great the initial recordings sounded. We’ve had a few lineup changes but the band has always been John and O.

Where did the inspiration for your latest single come from?

Our latest single is called Hot Minute. I wanted to write a song that sounded like summer coming to an end. Musically I think I hit that target. I was listening to a lot of Empire of The Sun at the time so I think that influenced the snare sound.

Watch the video for the single below.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been too?

It’s off topic, but I saw Tool perform Lateralus at Madison Square Garden… That was a while ago, but it still stuck with me as amazing.

Where’s the dream venue or festival you want to play?

I want to play Coachella. It seems like a ridiculous overblown nightmare that always inspires articles with titles like, “Are festivals Over?” and “I went to Coachella and Lived to tell about it…”

What artists are you listening to right now?

Let me check my Spotify stream.

As you can see, I jump all over the place in my search for musical nirvana…

Finally, why should people reading this listen to your music?

I need a new bike… Lol. All jokes aside I think Late Cambrian’s 2016 output is smart and melodic with an experimental pop edge. Drop by our soundcloud and see if the sound appeals to you… I’m really proud of it.

Why not start by having a listen here:

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