Sweet White – Genine Single Review.

sweet white

With an insanely catchy riff and genius lyrics carrying a hidden meaning, Genine could definetely be another success for Scottish 6-piece, Sweet White.

After only releasing their debut EP, Monet, in 2015, this single alone shows just how far the band have come already.

Soft vocals and a light instrumental open the track, before an addictive chorus plays out. One that would sound even better with a sweaty crowd singing along.

It’s no surprise that it’s Sweet White’s most popular song amongst fans to date. It’s been brilliantly produced, giving it a great anthemic vibe. But behind its fantastic sound, the song tells a story of someone who is attempting to come to terms with the feeling that they have been born into the wrong gender.

The track is directed at Genine, who at first listen you think is a lover, but turns out to be the songwriter himself. The song is a way of him accepting who he really is – Genine. Lyrics like, “even when I’m on my own with you, I keep on talking to myself,” show this perfectly.

It’s a faultless single that I think will put Sweet White on the map. Have a listen yourself and see what you think:


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