3 piece band, Palmes, released their second single yesterday (October 16th). Not just being the generic band that comes out of university, they’re definetely one to watch out for.

I asked Ryan and Callum from the band a few questions. Have a read and be sure to check out their music.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Ryan: Hello Reader, we are Palmes, a kind of synthpoppy band hailing from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The band consists of me, Ryan (20) and I play guitar and sing, Ash (21) plays bass and provides backing vocals and Callum (20) is our drummer, whilst triggering our synth sounds through a sampler and providing further backing vocals.

Me and Cal are at uni where he’s just gone into final year and I’m out on placement as an assistant in a music studio. For money, part time I’m a guitar tutor and Cal’s a barman, and our Ash gifts us masculinity points by driving vans and working in a warehouse when we’re not banding it up. When we’re not music’ing you’ll find us over a beer in Huddersfield somewhere. 

How did the band come about?

Ryan: The three of us have been close friends for around 4 years now. I met Cal in GCSE music so our musical link stems from there but a chance meeting at a house party brought Ash into our plans before we went to college. Through college the three of us were in an Indie band (Pin Stripe Tuesday) that dissolved late last year. Looking for a shake up in genre and a new start, the three of us started Palmes, with every intention of finding a permanent vocalist but as time wore on the others and I just grew into the role of singing I guess. Practice making perfect ‘n’ that.

Where did the inspiration for your latest single, Oslo, come from?

You can listen to the track here:

Ryan: Funnily enough, Oslo was Callum’s assignment submission for Uni this time last year, and All Grey (our first single) was mine. Which rightly suggests that we’ve been sat on these songs for a while. When I put together All Grey, Palmes didn’t exist. It was kind of a concept idea that got the band rolling, which anyone who sees us live will see we’ve settled into a more defined synthpop sound since then. Meanwhile, Callum came up with Oslo, which set out be the kind of song to mixup our set, but turned out we liked it enough to release it. So these are the first two songs Palmes played together I guess!

Callum: I started writing it for one of my University pieces over a year ago and it just so happened that it turned out good enough to be a song for the band. I’ve always been a massive fan of processed drums in genres such as Hip Hop and Trap music and atmospheric synths in slightly more left field genres such as Ambient Music, so I wondered what them two elements would sound like together and this is what I got. I wrote the lyrics for it and Ryan and myself wrote the music for it and Ash obviously laid down his bass when we’d finished writing all the synth parts you hear in the song. Ryan is a far more skilled sound designer than I am though, so I cannot take all the credit.

Have you got any plans for future releases?

Ryan: A ton, yeah we’ve got one finished single ready to go around Christmas and we’re tracking two more singles within the next month. So hopefully we should be fairly regularly releasing new material over the coming months! So many things to come woo.

Where’s the dream venue or festival you want to play?

Ryan: The three of us have been hitting up Leeds Festival and Benicassim Festival for the last few years. So it’d be awesome be go back there as artists one day. We always say between us that playing the NME Stage at Leeds would be a good do, considering the great times we’ve had in their as punters, sweet as atmosphere in there. Or when we crack America we can come back and fill the John Smiths Stadium… Baby steps yeah? That or Ally Pally.

Callum: Reading and Leeds for me, purely because we’ve been there so many times as punters it would be an amazing experience to come full circle and go back there as a band to headline the NME stage in that huge tent.


What bands are you listening to right now?

Ryan: Our musical tendencies always come out in the car, me and Callum seem to be digging Bombay Bicycle Club’s first album at the moment, the three of us dig Lower Than Atlantis (probs because we met Mike Duce two years ago). My drives to work usually consist of The Strokes’ second album (Room On Fire) or an assortment of Oasis at the moment. Aaaaaand just like that I’ve realised we’re really not in touch with new bands…

Callum: I’ve been listening to Skepta far too much lately, but Konnichiwa is my favourite album of the year so far. Aside from him I’ve just gotten into Jon Hopkins and have been listening to Immunity for the past week to try and broaden my mind for more song ideas in the ambient style.

Finally, why should people reading this listen to your music?

Ryan: Because not all good music comes out of London or Manchester! haha. Failing all else, give us a curiosity listen and see if you can compare us to another band. Whilst our genre of synthpop is hardly a rare one, I feel we have developed an original sound of our own and I genuinely believe some of you out there will dig it. Also, our next singles get much much stronger with each release, so if you like our current stuff then I urge you to keep an eye on what we release.

Callum: Because we’re not just your boring run of the mill guitar band that people get bored of after two songs and want their money back after paying a fiver to come to one of your gigs. We might only have one song out, two after Sunday, but I assure you we are and are going to be very genre bending. If that isn’t proof from the two songs that we have out at the moment then I don’t know what you’re listening to as they couldn’t be further apart in terms of style.

Ryan: Finally I’d like to thank Vicky for giving us a listen and featuring a band she’s never heard of before until Wednesday. World needs more people like you. And thanks to you for reading!

Massive thanks to Palmes too!

Support the band on Twitter and Facebook.


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