Surf Bored – Black and Blue Single Review.

surf bored

Surf Bored is the musical project of Ryan Hartman. He released his first full length album on October 1st and the lead single is the hazy, garage rock anthem, Black and Blue.

Low-fi vocals and a harsh riff give a brilliant raw sound, that definetely shows the influence from current bands like WAVVES and Teen Suicide. But also keeps the classic, old school garage vibe. It’s the perfect balance.

The track tells the tale of loose heartbreak, which you can see through the lyrics, “I’m so black and blue / and I’m still stuck on you”. The lyrics and overall sound capture the feelings of adolescence perfectly.

A steady drum beat and the repetition of “ooh” for the chorus keep it simplistic, in the best way. Listen to Black and Blue here:

The current themes and experiences of youth culture are presented brilliantly throughout Surf Bored’s full album, especially on tracks like Taco Bell.

Softer riffs give a more mellow feel to Phantom Love and Sam. This contrasts to the infectious White Kelly, which will get inside your head and won’t leave – not that you’d want it too. But what’s for sure is that Hartman has managed to find his sound and create an honest album with it.

Check out Sweet Dreams here:


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