INTRODUCING: The Yeahtones.

the yeahtones

The Yeahtones are Jake Pinto, Doug Berns, Dillon Treacy and Michael Harlen. The Brooklyn based band released their brilliantly agressive and volatile debut album, Eviction Notice, earlier this year.

Harsh and unexpected, the instrumental of the band’s latest single, A Real Song, is one you’ll either love or hate. But there’s no doubt that it shows the diversity of the 4 piece.

Watch the equally as wild video for the track here:

There’s not a song on this album that you could predict. Each has a unique quirk that brings something new to the record. This is most likely because the band take inspiration from a range of artists, including John Lennon and Jack White.

This is really evident on Gene where the tempo continuously rises and falls. Showing a huge contrast in sides to the band. For a second it doesn’t even feel like you’re listening to the same song. Genius.

What Could I Do has a strong bass line that really gives the track that forceful garage rock vibe. The album is closed on a softer tone with It Will End, focusing on the vocals and a rough riff. Feeling so raw and honest, I think it captures what the band are all about.

Check out The Yeahtones’ full discography on Spotify.

With such an energetic recorded sound, I have no doubt that The Yeahtones would be an insane live band. And they’re on tour in the US right now. See the remaining dates below and head down to a show if you can.


26 – Philadelphia, PA @ Pharmacy w/Truant Minds, Kim Logan

27 – New York, N.Y. @ Belle Reve

29 – New York, N.Y. @ Rubulad (Secret Halloween Party)

31 – Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Spirit


2 – Louisville, Ky. @ Third Street Dive

3 – Nashville, Tenn. @ Foobar

4 – Asheville, N.C. @ The One Stop w/ American Gonzos

5 – Harrisonburg, Va. @ Wolfe St Brewery w/ The Dawn Drapes

6 – New York, N.Y. @ Rockwood Music Hall (Album Release Party)

12 – New Hope, Pa. @ Triumph Brewery


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