LIVE REVIEW: Jake Bugg in Birmingham.

jake bugg

Monday October 24th saw Jake Bugg grace a sold out Birmingham crowd with his soulful lyrics and infectious riffs.

Bugg opened the night with a solo acoustic set, beginning with the sombre On My OneNot the lightest tone to open the night on, to say the least, but still a beautiful introduction. Continuing with Strange Creatures and Simple As This, his exposed vocals were faultless.

The energy picked up once he was joined by the band. The classic Two Fingers gained the exact reaction that you’d expect. (Of course in appreciation).

Shangri La’s best efforts Messed Up KidsThere’s A Beast And We All Feed It and Slumville Sunrise were of course all included in the set. The lyrics of the latter especially being sung back at the top of everyone’s lungs.

The blues sound of Never Wanna Dance ironically had the crowd swaying from start to finish. This song is even more beautiful live. After having mixed feelings about his latest album, I was apprehensive to hear some other new tracks live. I find Put Out The Fire can be hard to take seriously, and it was no different live. Nevertheless, it was yet another example of Jake’s fantastic guitar playing skills.

My personal favourite, Taste It, just intensified these thoughts further. He’s a ridiculously talented musican, who doesn’t have to crack a joke inbetween every track for people to feel like it was worth the money.

Broken unfortunately lead the majority of the crowd to reach for their phones. That aside, it was a sensational performance which left goosebumps all over me.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Lightning Bolt was the final track of the night. As soon as the riff was first strummed the o2 Acadamy cheered. The chorus got the best reaction of the night by far, not one person wasn’t letting go and shouting at the top of their lungs.

It was incredible to finally witness such a talented artist in the flesh. With support from a band, Bugg is fantastic. But I think the rawness of him performing alone would even be enough to sell out arenas.

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