INTERVIEW: Plastic Barricades.

plastic barricades

Jonas Svendsen and Frazer James Webster, lead guitarist and drummer, of London based melodic, alternative rock band, Plastic Barricades talk about their rare and somewhat dreamy sound. 

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Jonas: We are: Dan who sings and plays guitar, Dani on bass and backing vocals, Frazer on drums and backing vocals and myself; I just play the 6 strings on my guitar.

How did the band come about?

Jonas: Dan initially started the band in Estonia and brought it over with him to London where, quite promptly I think, he ended up needing some new musicians. He found Frazer and Dani at the ICMP and they were a three piece for, I want to say, two years. They then decided to expand the band to incorporate all the extra layers on the recordings to be achievable at live shows, that’s where I came in as a second guitarist. 

Where did the inspiration for your latest single, Half of your Soul, come from?

Frazer: I think the inspiration is quite simple in that it’s about Love and the search for your other half. Musically it was a challenge as it started out quite different from what it is now. With a heavier feel and slower tempo and then to the opposite faster with a softer feel. As far as drums are concerned I was listening to a lot of Dave Matthews band at the time and I remember telling Dan about the song “Crash into me” and loved the idea of have that kind of snare oriented feel as the verse part and after trying it sounded awesome… Thanks Carter Beauford!

Have a listen to the thoughtful single here:

How do you feel about releasing an album?

Jonas: Looking forward to it! it’ll be good to get it finished and get it out there and tour behind it, it’s been a long time coming.

Frazer: It’s exciting. A lot of work and a fair bit of arguing over the smallest of details, however. We are all looking forward to seeing all of our work in a package for everyone to hear.

Who are your main influences musically?

Jonas: As a guitarist my biggest influence has been Hendrix, he’s hard to avoid when you’re a guitarist. I also love Jack White’s style of playing, especially the aggressive stuff. I’m also a big fan of West African music, especially the raw stuff coming out in 70’s, and P-Funk are a favourite of mine, Eddie Hazel was an incredible incredible player. I’m also a big Nirvana fan and it’s hard to avoid John Frusciante as an influence.

Frazer: We each have very different tastes in music and I believe that that is one of the main reasons we sound the way we do. For me I love things that are musically impressive but also anything passionate. Currently Snarky Puppy and Oz Noy are regulars on my playlists.

What’s your favourite song to play live?

Jonas: My favourite song to play live is either How Goldfish Grow or Our Favourite Delusions. Both are uptempo songs and Delusions is one of our heavier songs so it’s a lot of fun to play and has a lot of energy behind it.

Frazer: That difficult as it depends on what the crowd reacts to, but usually the best reception is for the song How Goldfish Grow which will be on the up and coming album also and is an awesomely fun song to play and listen to.

Finish this sentence: “Our sound is…

Jonas: Diverse.

Frazer: Unique and familiar simultaneously. We work with each others differences as much as we can, and as we have different backgrounds, it results in what you hear which we think is interesting and meaningful.

Plastic Barricades are playing at The Finsbury in London on November 15th, and at Freestyle in Poole on November 19th. Be sure to head down if you can!

Support the band on Twitter, FacebookSpotify and iTunes.


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