The Little Kicks – You and Someone Like Me Single Review.

the little kicks

After a rethink about their sound, The Little Kicks have brought out the first single from their new album, due to be released in 2017. And the quirky video that accompanies the track is one you won’t be able to stop watching.

At first you might laugh in slight disbelief of what you’re seeing, but then you can’t help but admire the utter brilliance of it.

The visuals were created after the band and a professional dancer performed with a green screen, before the footage was edited and they were remodelled as the skeletons we see.

But we can’t give the video all the attention, despite it’s genius. The single itself, You and Someone Like Me, is fantastic. From the skilled riffs to the pulsating synth, it’s a perfect blend of electronic and indie rock. It takes you back to the late 80’s as well as being kept current by an incredibly addictive chorus.

The funky beat makes the song and video go hand in hand. Watch it for yourself below.

There’s no doubt that the band’s new record will be glorious.

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