SINGLE REVIEW: Actor by whenyoung.


Addressing the issue of altering who you are to belong and feel important, the new track from whenyoung is relevant and relatable, yet still has a fierce indie-rock sound.

In their own words, the band say the song is about “acting every day and projecting artificial images of yourself through social media and in real life interactions with others. This helps to reassure you that you are important, relevant, interesting and necessary but behind it all there’s a sinking feeling. It’s not you. It’s an act. It’s tiring.”

Only the second single from the band, they know exactly what they’re doing with their raging guitar riffs, clever lyrics and a tone that is comparable to CHVRCHES.

Bold and inviting, the drums alone are enough to captivate listeners. The trio from Ireland have managed to cram everything good into 2 minutes 47. They’ve delivered a melodious track and will undoutably continue to be successful.

Have a listen to Actor here:

The single is released on November 25th and whenyoung will be headlining at Shacklewell Arms in London on November 24th. Head down and see them if you can.

Support whenyoung on Twitter and Facebook.


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