VANT played at the O2 Institute last Friday, 3rd March. Their album is class, but it’s definitely not enough evidence of their talent. They’re an insane live band.

Here’s the night in photos.

It’s easy to see how much passion VANT have for the music they write. And that energy flows into the crowd so smoothly.

When you can feel the passion from a band, it’s easy to keep moving for hours.

This ^ was taken from an awkward, almost squat that nearly broke my knees. Frontman, Matty, asked everyone to crouch and fuelled by adrenaline, of course the whole floor did. Honestly, I think bands could ask crowds to do anything and we wouldn’t have a second thought.

The photos end here because just before the encore I plucked up the courage to go forward into the pit. I left with a new collection of bruises after moshing for just 3 songs, but my god, it was worth it.


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